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Pandora Charms - Silver & Gold Flower Clip Charm KT027 official online sale

Pandora Charms - Silver & Gold Flower Clip Charm KT027 official online sale

The Pandora Silver and 14ct Gold Flower Clip Charm will keep your authentic Pandora beads and charms perfectly in place and look gorgeous in its own right. Add some extravagance to your authentic Pandora collection today and order this beautiful little essential.

Choosing Pandora Silv...

Widespread Power Outages Expected Video Good morning, ginger.

We're seeing what you're seeing. The waves coming up to hit the dunes here. After buy cheap pandora bracelet all the surge, 50 million people that we're talking about may be affected. And 1 in 5 of them could lose their power. This morning, as the leading edge of sandy is beginning to slam the coast, reinforcement, convoys are on the way. An army of utility workers from as far away as oklahoma and iowa now headed east. You see that? Uh huh. Reporter: We were with larry jackson as we was already working to restore power to homes on the coast. Knowing the storm is still ahead. We'll work 16 hour days. Reporter: The power outage is expected to spread. What researchers suggest, as much as 10 million could be affected. We think that may be under the estimate. Reporter: When the east coast looks like this, meantime, utilities along the storm path we took down the tree. Reporter: Have emergency control centers up and running. And are prepared. We're prepared but room for concern. Reporter: Concern among veteran utility officials. The width of the storm is so massive, we really don't know what's going pandora charms near me to happen. Reporter: And that's a dilemma as delaware's governor told us after the storm, it's the power outages that worry him. The problem is, when people lose power, it could be a couple days before people have power restored because of the wind. Reporter: What should you do? Get the essentials. We pandora jewelry dealers have lantern, flash lights. Batteries, radio. Reporter: Other tips. Never run a generator inside the house. UNPLUG APPLIANCES AND TVs SO They aren't damaged when power comes back on. If you don't open the door to your refrigerator, the food will be good for about four hours. Here's another tip that I'd not heard before. If you have a thermometer with a lead, keep the door closed. Once again, these power outages could go on for a week or more.

You may lose everything that's fresh or frozen. I'm going to write that one down, thanks very much, david. Let's go to josh's other stop This transcript has been automatically generated and may pandora bracelet on sale not be 100% accurate.

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