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Why women want what men have She hit a nerve, that for sure.

The mostly young, mostly female audience is on its feet within seconds of Gail Dines closing her speech on pornography. dying to make sense of their lives, she tells me when we meet a few minutes later. She still pumped from the sound of 1000 people whooping and applauding. you just saw the slideshow of images that accompanied her speech their lives. Dines is a professor of sociology at Wheelock College in Boston and this is what she does: she travels the world giving anti pornography speeches. And she pandora number charm very good at it. Pacing the stage with her shirt sleeves rolled up, beaming stills from violent gonzo porn pandora s charms films onto the cheap pandora bracelets sale screen behind her, Dines exudes total self assurance. The audience at the annual Feminism in London conference is entranced. She been giving versions of this speech to schools, universities and conferences for 20 years. Much has changed in those two decades, not least the arrival of widespread internet access. And with widespread internet access has come widespread consumption of porn. Interest in Dines speech grew. So, six years ago, she organised a conference. The conference gave birth to an organisation, Stop Porn Culture; that led to a book, Pornland; the book became a documentary; and now here we are, with Stop Porn Culture sister groups in Britain and Norway and more getting off the ground in Sweden and Iceland. Like I said, she hit a nerve. But is Dines fighting the right battle? Some of what she says is undeniable, such as the fact that porn is ubiquitous. And that pop culture is fixated with female Nothing guarantees a woman mainstream attention like being good looking and naked. Women see that. And so we grow up feeling intense pressure to be (and, often, intense self loathing if we not). or invisible, is how Dines puts it. And she right that porn often feels like a man world, with its endless blow job scenes (not that interesting to a female viewer), camera angles that recreate the man point of view and emphasis on the male orgasm. I can relate to the young women delight at hearing someone get angry about that on their behalf. Dines believes that the consistency with which everything in porn revolves around what the man wants has real world consequences not only in the bedroom but in society at large. There certainly an argument to be had here; culture both reflects and affects our values. Does porn reinforce old ideas of male supremacy? Possibly. But I surprised when Dines tells me, only solution to this is closing down the porn industry Some believe there are other ways. Last year, the first Feminist Porn Conference was held at the University of Toronto. The delegates at that conference are not planning on closing down the industry they want to change it instead. porn, said the founder, Tristan Taormino, as valuable a political act to feminism as any other social or political activism is. As the organisers of the affiliated Feminist Porn Awards explain: "We decided that it not enough to criticise adult films for not adequately representing women sexuality. So we decided to do something about it. As porn star and performance artist Annie Sprinkle famously said, answer to bad porn isn't no porn it to try to make better porn. can be very difficult for women to find material they like, says Clarissa Smith, the founding co editor of the recently launched Porn Studies journal (I not making this up). I suggest to Dines that this is what really bothers women when it comes to porn: the feeling that their sexuality is invisible or irrelevant. We know women watch porn. says Dines. don Yes, I say, they do. Women are thought to represent a third of porn viewers. she insists. gonzo. Prof Gail Dines Gonzo is Dines big concern. the sort of thing you used to have to go to the back of an adult store to find, she says. it mainstream. It certainly accessible. There are a few gonzo films on the homepages of the most popular free porn sites, and they pretty horrible. The sex is always aggressive and often presented as non consensual, with girls crying and screaming. They feature such delights as men putting their penises down the women throats until they vomit or women being penetrated while having their heads put down the toilet, or trapped under a man boot. Most of us would prefer it if films purporting to document sexual abuse were not freely available. But, says Smith, fact that gonzo is very visible doesn mean it very popular. In fact, the gonzo films tend to accrue a few hundred thousand views compared with the many millions of hits the more mainstream fare gets. Unfortunately, even that, Smith concedes, isn material women feel very positive towards There a lot more gagging and grabbing women by the face or the throat than many female viewers appreciate. Slowly, though, things are changing. Better porn, for some, also means porn Pandora Blake, who runs a site called Dreams of Spanking, recently described it like this, means complete respect for performers, for their boundaries and consent. If someone says no, you don ask again, you don ask last minute in the middle of a scene. You don trick them into doing stuff. You pay them. This matters to a lot of female pandora bracelets on sale viewers, who can often tell when girls are in pain, and can enjoy it. A screenshot from the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey film Later, I talk to Heather Brunskell Evans. She co founded Resist Porn Culture, the UK sister organisation to Stop Porn Culture, and has less uncompromising views than Dines. The primary purpose of Resist Porn Culture, she says, is to give girls and women way to speak about their issues, and to know they not the only ones that feel the way they do whether that disturbed by gonzo, ignored by mainstream porn or just sick and tired of pop culture obsession with the female body. Brunskell Evans believes the fact that porn is overwhelmingly made by men, for men, has a number of pernicious effects: it confuses young men who don understand why the girls they sleep with don enjoy the things that women seem to enjoy in porn; and it confuses young women who don understand why they don enjoy doing the things women seem to enjoy in porn. Mainly, though, it bothers Brunskell Evans that male orientated porn has made sex about male pleasure now than it was 20 years ago, which is just incredible She has sought out porn made by women but thinks it got a long way to go. still not about the eroticisation of the male body from a heterosexual woman point of view, she says. be delighted to find that if it were out there. My guess is, she not the only one.

Clarification: Dr Brunskell Evans has asked us to make clear that she regards all heterosexual pornography as sexualized sexism. Porn is unacceptable, in her view, in a democratic society that purports to give women equality of opportunity and value. We are happy to make this clear.

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