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Pandora Charms - Love Birds Charm FS103 online sale

Pandora Charms - Love Birds Charm FS103 online sale

The Pandora Silver and 14ct Gold Love Birds Charm is a romantic addition to any Pandora collection. A sterling silver bead has indented bird shapes decorating the surround of the design. Embossed 14ct gold birds alternate between the impressions. Not only representing love and romance, the dove styl...

When Your Friend and Lover Fight So, do you side with your partner in life, or your friend when you're in a fight? We're going "toe to toe" on this one.

Because wow just stand by your man, or woman, right? But he or she can't be right every time. You know this gets sloughed on to us unfairly only because it rihymes. The guy code, we've seen this in "the hangover" movies. The bros have to stay together. Bla, bla, bla, or whatever. Urban dictionary, says it best. Friends before fee malbefore females. Not cost of a pandora bracelet that I subscribe to that. We'll let two special guests talk about it, maybe three he's a comedian, host of tv show and she's a jewelry designer. Sherrod small and melania trump. yes! Announcer: Today on "the chew" it's day three of coast to coast week, and we're in a new york "plate" of mind. Care for some cream cheese, anybody? Announcer: As our pal chef jason roberts hits the concrete jungle in a cheesecake confidential. This is amazing. You got to side with your boys. There's a lot of women in here looking evil. Sometimes your girl she might have it wrong. You can't side with her all of the time. You have to sleep with your partner. Is that a good idea to side with your bros? When you're around them, you say my girl's acting special pandora charms crazy. When you're around her, you say my boys acting crazy. That is what you do that's the guy code. Yep, that's actuallied coat. Melania, shaking your head as I am. No. In one way, first listen to yourself, right? And then what you agree with. pandora charms bridesmaid Always be your own person. No matter who you married to. No matter who you are, you know, be proud who you are and list ton your heart and brains. And then if husband or boyfriend is on the same page, perfect, but if not hey that's a lot. Coming from melania, you know who she's married to. That's not easy. If not, we soon will be. Come on. Can we get a third opinion here? Can we break the tie here? Can we break the tie here? uh oh. Uh oh. Do we have our tiebreaker on the phone? Well, how are you doing? It's a great show! Hi, donald! How are you, lara. Donald, it's josh here. shop pandora charms I'm just asking, do you side with your partner in life, or your friend? And I do want to make it clear, I'm asking you as your friend. Well, josh, I have to tell you that I have a wonderful partner who is always right. 100% of the time. She's never been wrong. So I would only side with my partner, meaning my wife melania. Smart man. Sounds like donald is falling right in line with you. That's the guy code. Go for maximum applause! Ladies, my only question to this is will him and melania adopt me? I would say the sean yes, you're very talented, terrific, but sherrod, at this moment, you're fired! I want severance. Melania, let me let's get a scoop on the donald. When you guys get in an argument, who is his go to guy. Does he two you have a wing man, so to speak, does he have a guy, a best friend that you think awe, is it donald jr. it's you, isn't it? She's like no, no. He doesn't have a guy friend. He's very independent. He's own person. He would listen himself. He is not that he would call somebody and say, I need advice. Does he always tell you you're right? Of course everybody has disagreements, it's normal, right? But, you know, he's great. And we always you know, kind of think the same, but if we have disagreement, it's fine. I don't mean if you marry to somebody, you always nee to agree what they say. I have my taste, I have my say, and I think it's very important that you tell them the way it is. On this very sensitive subject, donald, I want to say a brilliant man, you are a brilliant man. I appreciate that. Donald trump, everybody. Thank you very much. and beautiful wife, melania. Hey, donald, I hope you don't mind if I do business with your wife about her gorgeous beauty line, will you? No, you enjoy it. You have a really nice guest. Have a good time. Donald, I'll see you at the house. See you at the house, donald. Thanks a lot. Sherrod. Melania, tell us about your new line. I have a qvc line. I'm wear the collection today. This is a beautiful family bracelet t I made in gold, silver and rose. And everything is under $200. Well thank you, thank you for sharing it. I've seen it. It's really gorgeous. I need a couple samples for my girlfriend, though. Also, sherrod he has the new youtube show "car and driver stunt" next wednesday, september 5th.

Sherrod small, melania trump. Come on, crowd, come on. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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